One-stop service, only $499, 14 days to help export enterprises to complete the website construction, open online business!

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Intelligent Cloud Independent Station

One-stop service enterprise B2B independent website

Blue 3-18
Blue 3-18
Blue White-2-26
Blue White-2-26
Black Gray-4-13
Black Gray-4-13
Grey White-3-36
Grey White-3-36
Black Grey-3-43
Black Grey-3-43
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Orange color-3-30
Our Services
A Single Language Responsive Website
An International Domain Name
An SSL Certificate
4GB Storage Space
1G Bandwidth
20 Products Launch Services
One-stop Content Improvement
Website Goes Online In 14 Days
How to get your exclusive website
Step 1: Complete Order

Choose the website to purchase, Buy online.

Step 2: Discuss Requirements

Communicate the specific requirements for website

Step 3: Confirm Information

Confirm and organize the necessary information

Step 4: Enhance Content

Improve website content and confirm with the client.

Step 5: Website Launch

Launched within 14 working days for use.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is the website suitable for SEO optimization?

    A website that cannot be indexed by search engines is essentially useless. Therefore, our website ensures full visibility to all search engines, including Google. This is one of our main advantages, and we take pride in providing you with a professionally crafted, high-quality website.

  • Where will my website be stored?

    This question is more crucial today than ever, as people believe the location of a website's storage directly impacts its loading time, affecting a business's ability to attract and retain website traffic. To minimize loading times, our website is stored on Content Delivery Network (CDN) servers distributed globally. When accessed from the nearest possible location, visitors will view your website in the fastest possible way. Create a high-performing website.

  • I am not a designer. Do I need to hire professionals to build my website?

    You don't need to have any design skills or purchase any design software. We will have professional personnel to assist you in building your website.

  • How can I make my website compatible with mobile devices?

    You don't have to worry, as we've already taken care of it. Each website is automatically adjusted to fit smartphones and tablets.

  • After the website is launched, can I continue to update its content?

    Absolutely! Our web interface allows you to manage and update your website anytime, anywhere, even after it has been published.

  • Do we offer any other services?

    In addition to website building services, we also provide advertising services (including Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads) and SEO optimization services.

  • Is it complicated to operate the backend on my own?

    No need to worry, Don't worry, we include uploading services for 30 products, and if you need to arrange it yourself, we provide online guidance.

  • How do we charge for our services?

    Our website incurs a one-time fee, and once you make a purchase, there are no additional charges. You can confidently proceed with your purchase.

  • Can I get a refund after placing an order?

    Yes, please make sure to contact us for a refund before the service officially starts, and contact us within three working days from the time of placing the order to apply for a refund. We do not accept refund requests beyond 3 working days.

  • About Website Delivery

    Service content verification: 1-3 days
    Website improvement and delivery: 14 days
    We will complete and deliver the site within 14 days based on the website template you selected and the information provided, and the final site will be confirmed via email. Once the website is confirmed, the acceptance is successful. After-sales service only includes the repair of original styles and functional problems; product release, feature additions or deletions, style adjustments, etc. are not provided.

Our happy customers

"The Dyyweb team helped me create a striking website with a strong design sense and outstanding user experience. Their attention to detail impressed me, perfectly presenting my brand image."

Chief CEO

"Choosing Dyyweb for website optimization was one of my wisest decisions. Through precise SEO strategies, they elevated my website's ranking on search engines, effectively attracting more potential customers."

Sales Manager

"The Dyyweb team efficiently handles inquiries, demonstrating a quick and accurate understanding of customer needs. Their timely and professional responses set me apart in competition, earning the trust of customers."

Business Manager

"Thanks to Dyyweb for their excellent support in export trade. The tools and solutions they provide make international trade more convenient, allowing me to focus more on expanding my business."

Foreign Trade Manager

"The service quality of Dyyweb is satisfying and consistently exceeds my expectations. Their team is always friendly and professional, and the responsiveness to customer needs makes me feel valued."

Operations Director

Multilingual Responsive Website Construction

Professional interactive designers, immersive design, focusing on the usability and user-friendliness of the human-machine interface.Flat design with one-on-one original custom styles.

PHP-based multilingual website construction system with a secure and stable framework, based on the MVC pattern, simple and efficient, highly modular, and flexible, providing one-stop independent website construction system services.

Website compatible with multiple devices, providing users with a more comfortable interface and better user experience.

Leading the industry by being the first to support IPV6, aligning with international standards.

Using independent international domains.Server configuration selecting high-bandwidth distributed cloud space in multiple regions worldwide, running on dual servers both domestically and internationally, ensuring a website uptime of 99.9%, with high global accessibility and strong resistance to attacks.

Multilingual Whole-Site Operation

Operations Team Introduction:

Average seniority of 4-6 years for experienced foreign trade website operators, with an efficient and mature operational philosophy and process, professional, standardized, and systematic.

Full-site SEO Optimization:

Deployment of full-site META tags + link management; rational arrangement of images and keywords; submission of sitemap and robots, plugin installation, and monitoring of the overall site.

Small Language Translation:

Google Smart Translation + manual keyword review.

Keyword Expansion/Ranking:

Each core keyword has no fewer than 10 precise derived keywords, meeting the standard of appearing on the first three pages of Google for 300 keywords.


The website content should be no less than 100 pages/2000 articles; possessing high-quality external link resources, regularly publishing soft articles to promote website weight improvement; establishing reasonable mutual links based on the progress of website promotion to increase keyword rankings.

Deep Operation Services

Detailed Website Operation Planning:

Starting from the enterprise's main products and market as the core, engage in detailed communication and planning regarding the direction and focus of website operation. Clearly define the operational needs of the enterprise, implement corresponding actions, and ensure effective execution.

Compilation of Website Content Materials:

Organize and process the visual and textual materials provided by the enterprise based on the buyer's perspective and search engine experience standards. Prepare all necessary elements before uploading corporate data.

Website Content Upload:

Responsible for uploading up to 50 products. The enterprise only needs to provide an outline, and the detailed pages will be processed and uploaded by the professional operation team. Ensure the site goes live and operates as quickly as possible. During the promotion period, handle post-launch content updates and maintenance. Regularly cooperate with enterprise editing and processing of soft articles based on the characteristics of the industry and main promoted products, with a high frequency.

Google Ads Service

Google Ads Team:

Account Managers (AM) with high scores in Google Analytics (GA) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) certification exams, rigorous training and on-the-job training, rich experience in multi-industry advertising, and effective communication both online and offline.

Role of Google Ads:

Increase the weight of a new site, drive natural SEO rankings; provide precise direction for website operations through data analysis, enhance website quality, and generate effective inquiries for the website in a short time.

Google Ads Recharge and Budget:

First-time recharge waives service fees and account opening fees. During the initial trial and error stage of advertising, analyze the data, create effective strategies, and transition to a stable stage (adjusting based on data conversion).

Google Ads Service:

Pre-launch analysis (market, audience, competitors, website quality) + account setup, analysis, and adjustment during the launch + data report compilation.

Video Service Project

Equipment and Team:

Professional photographers with years of experience in the industry.
Ultra-high-definition equipment with a resolution of 1920*1080.
Professional on-site suggestions and setups by experienced personnel.
High-end lighting and equipment assistance.

Production and Post-Production:

Create 1-minute and 15-second product videos based on shooting needs and product features.

Additional Value-Added Features

Buyer Data Crawling System:

Independently developed, it tracks user visits and matches and mines in-depth information from a large database. This information is then fed back to the official website's backend, allowing for in-depth analysis of visitors and capturing potential buyer procurement needs.

Google Keyword Mining System:

Independently developed, with lightning-fast query speeds and the ability to choose from billions of keywords, this system precisely targets purchasing search habits. It can intelligently analyze and expand keywords on its own, allowing for collection, categorization, and downloading.

Google Marketing Tools:

Google Keyword Planner (keyword extension/mining industry keywords/keyword trends, etc.), Google Analytics website data analysis, and more.

Service Details

Service Features:

VIP customer service with a one-to-many approach, responding 24/7.

Sales Follow-up:

Regular on-site visits based on the progress of website promotion, providing operational guidance and relevant training.

Website Operation Service:

Progress reports and quarterly reports on the website, maintaining close communication through QQ, email, phone, etc., to keep you informed about your official website's progress.

Customer Service Reporting:

A combination of online and offline work through QQ, email, phone, etc. Email reports on the progress of various stages of website construction.

Google Advertiser:

Regularly follows up on website advertising accounts, periodically adjusts accounts, and communicates and reports various aspects to the account.

First Page Academy

Specialized Training:

Since 2013, there have been hundreds of online and offline marketing training sessions each year. Specialized theme training is conducted based on the actual difficulties faced by enterprises.

Training Directions:

Series Training on the Construction of Export Marketing Websites
Series Training on the Operation of Export Marketing Websites
SNS Social Platform Series Tutorials
Google Advertising Series Training
Global Development Series Training

Training Methods:

Online Training for Collaborative Clients: Regular Tencent Meetings
Offline Training for Collaborative Clients: First Page Academy
Special Guest Offline Meetings: Regular meetings with outstanding and experienced invited lecturers
Irregular Salon Client Meetings, Study Tours, etc.

Backend Functions
  • Inquiry Functionality

    Equipped with multiple inquiry channels for obtaining leads.Inquiries are sent to the designated email and stored in the backend for later analysis and management.

  • Backend Management

    QR code scan for secure and efficient authorization login.User-friendly backend operation modules for easy learning by operators with zero experience.Integration of keyword systems and woodpecker systems for convenient SEO operations and accurate customer tracking.

  • Full-site SEO Optimization

    Full-site META tags.Link management (internal and external links).ALT tags for images.Tag tags.URL pseudo-static.Website Sitemap and Robots file submission.

  • Full-site Image Optimization

    Setting ALT tags for all site images (product images, banners, logos, etc.) to aid in the crawling of image content by search engine spiders.

  • Billions of Buyer Leads

    Automatic collection and mining of leads from browsers like Google and major social media platforms.Provides precise customer acquisition assistance.

  • Real-time Crawling and Analysis

    he system performs real-time crawling and analysis of website visitors every day.Deeply analyzes each visitor to capture potential buyer procurement needs.

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